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Well, This is the first post of our blog BOY GIRL EARTH.

Maddy and I have travelled from the start of our relationship. It all started in 2012 for our trip to Patong in Phuket Thailand. This trip was the first of my travels and the second for Maddy, I was a stubborn unexposed boy from Moonee Ponds in Melbourne, Australia. I became (#cultured), I had seen a world completely different from my own. A world where “normal” was exactly that, and I knew nothing different. “Normal” was working a job which at the start I knew nothing about and in the end became the only thing I knew. Up until then.

My life for the first 23 years was a story of an up bringing and education through primary and then high school in the North Western suburbs of Melbourne, completing an apprenticeship straight after high school and full time work for 6 years, to now, or let’s say until 4 days ago.

December 7th.

Yes, I had it great, a well paying job and an ambition to succeed in life and grow a family with wonderful girlfriend Maddy. The girl who I have trusted to show me through the age old life experience of love and human development. A trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand during the Aussie summer of 2014/2015 with our close friends was a game changer for us. Maddy and I spoke about our real ambitions. An obvious love of travel and life experience, a need to experience different cultures other than our own and the fear if we did not carry out our plans to travel the world our lives would be lived unfulfilled.

Life for me had become a loop, I wasn’t satisfied with things I had once been ok with, happiness was harder to find every day and I knew only one thing would be able to fuel the my fire and satisfy the curiosity in my mind. Travel. Since that first trip to Thailand I have been hungry for more and more of this, each time I travelled my enthusiasm to come home had dwindled. It is something that draws me to these cultures different to mine and the way people in these places live their lives. Trading, (in conditions that I would in my “normal” life only expect to be passed off to be not sanitary and not within “OH&S” regulations) with produce, goods and services to live, and only knowing that way to survive in the life that only they knew. Selling goods to foreigners on holiday because that is the only way to survive in the life only they knew.

Maddy and I quit our jobs, packed up our town house, said goodbye to our little Beagle our family and friends and set out on an adventure around the world. Which brings us to our travels now in Myanmar where nobody knows who we are (tourists/aliens). There is no market for the tourists I had seen in the past during my travels, fake Calvin Klein underwear, pleather belts and traditional cooking/foods only appealing to locals in the areas surrounding Yangon. People stared and wondered who we were, a strange feeling you will never experience at home and another reminder of why I’m here. Things are now different and exciting compared to what we had become used to.

December 7th.

The first day of our new NORMAL.

Yangon Train Station




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  1. Jae papalia
    11.12.2015 / 7:36 pm

    love it and so excited to read about your adventures!!

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