Hamptons, NY


Self-proclamation normally leaves me feeling slightly skeptical when it comes to food.

 “[Insert town here]’s #1 pizza”. “Best cheese Cransky in [Insert town here]” and so on, and so on.

 A fellow backpacker from our hostel in Nyaung Shwe, Warren told us we HAD to go to ‘Weather Spoon’s Bagan’, a restaurant in it’s name sake Bagan. “The burgers are unreal, and they are this big!” while mapping out the circumference of the burger with his thumbs and index fingers, “They are seriously the best burgers in Asia”. Now, if you’re thinking that a simple ol’ burger isn’t worthy of it’s own post well you might be right. And in some cases I’d likely agree. In this instance however, after living off rice and noodles for a few weeks there would be nothing more satisfying than a giant, meat filled burger and of course trusting our friend’s opinion the best burger in Asia would certainly not go a stray. Not that the Burmese food hasn’t been delicious, I could just tell by Warren’s excitement and enthusiasm that this thing was the real deal. Exactly what we were looking for.

 On our last night in Bagan our budget was looking healthy, the town was buzzing and the locals were all hanging out doing their thing, we came to the decision to try this place out.

 After walking around 15 minutes from our hostel we found it, ‘Weather Spoon’s Bagan’ and sure enough written on the menu, “The best burgers in Asia”. I instantly resented Warren’s lack of originality in his review, however we had walked this far, the lighting was dim and they were playing house music with a little bit of sax at 120 BPM. They had me hook line and sinker.

 The service was great and we ordered our favourite Mandalay Extra Strong (6.5%) beers, which funnily enough is cheaper than the low strength. Figure that one out every sporting stadium in Australia. We went straight for the Weather Spoon’s beef burger on the menu (4900 kyat), where they reminded us again of their status as the leading burger joint on the continent. When the burgers came out they looked as I will describe. Jam-packed with a slab of what tasted like a rissole, onion, tomato and an avocado (Myanmar’s prized fruit) salad. Now I don’t use the term prized loosely, maybe a little too often however for all of you avocado lovers out there, you haven’t tasted an avocado until you’ve been to Myanmar. I won’t go into too much detail about them but they’re damn good and about the size of a small child’s head.

 Anyway, this burger hit the spot and for those of you travelling to Bagan any time in the near future, be sure to check this place out.