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If you’re in Rajasthan there is a chance are you will be heading out East towards the Pakistan border to check out the Thar Desert. Most people will find themselves based in the golden city of Jaisalmer, but if you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in all of nature’s glory, Mirvana Nature Resort will do just that.

Mirvana is an organic oasis that lies within the Thar Desert, and when I say organic I literally mean that; the Swiss style tents are hand crafted and made out of natural and local materials not to mention the farm on the property that supplies the fresh produce for your meals, including the dairy and poultry! Basically this place is heaven in the desert. Not only is Mirvana great for the environment, they also provide employment to the locals of the rural town of Sodakore where Mirvana is based (55kms before Jaisalmer).

If you’re like me, and when you think of the desert you think of a lot of dust and sand. This isn’t the case at Mirvana. Green grass, pink flowers, peacocks and geese surround you and sometimes you forget where you are, in the middle of the sun kissed desert in India. When you’re thinking this place cannot get any better you may catch Ninja the Labrador chilling out the front of your tent, or a couple of cheeky dachshunds running around, yes, really there are dogs here too and you CAN hang out with them.

Mirvana offers a number of activities for you like a jeep camel safari in the sand dunes to complete the desert experience. Driving through an abundance of vast desert land through small villages where the children will be sure to run out and scream hello and wave to you while you are sitting in the open air at the back of the back of a Jeep. Once you arrive at the dunes that you have all to yourself you jump on a camel and just enjoy the natural beauty before hopping off and finding a spot to watch the dewy sunset.

So, if you want to see the luxurious side of the Thar Desert with an authenic Indian experience Mirvana is the place to do just that with air-conditioned royal tents, organic food, Moshka Spa and a ridiculously good looking pool. I spent 2 days here it felt like a dream, to go to their website click here.



Our room for 2 nights


Inside our Swiss Tent


Jeep Camel Safari


Jeep Camel Safari




Swiss Tent


Ridiculously good looking pool


Cows on the farm



Coco the Dachshund






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