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There is only one word to describe India, massive. From the Himalayas up north to stretches of white sand beaches down south, the size of India makes it impossible to see everything in one trip. We entered India from the Far East at the border of Myanmar and made our way to the far West then headed down south. We spent a lot of our time down south in the hippy mecca of India, Goa which we believe needed it’s own guide so click here for “A Party GOA’s Guide”


Vagator Beach, Goa


To enter India you need to have a Tourist Visa, the Visa is valid for 6 months the day it is processed, and you can also grab a multiple entry Visa if you want. You will also need to go speak to your doctor about what vaccinations you must have to visit India like Typhoid and Hepatitis B. There are other vaccinations like Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis (which we didn’t get at our own risk).


Now every traveller is different and of course every budget is different. We had $80AUD/3600rs per day for 2 people, which was more than enough for accommodation, transport, food and exploring.


Finding accommodation in India is easy there is a wide range of hotels/hostels/guesthouses scattered around the tourist destinations. Guesthouses are more common, basically a home (a big home) owned by a family with rooms for rent. All guesthouses vary when it comes to Air Con/Non Air Con, Private bathrooms/shared bathrooms it all depends on your budget and what you can afford. We stayed in guesthouses for most of our time in India; we were paying anything from $10/500rs per night for a basic room and bathroom, up to $24/1200rs for a hut on the beach in Goa. Accommodation is cheap, but of course don’t be expecting room service and maids when you are paying $10 a night.

Generally we didn’t book accommodation before we arrived somewhere, as it normally works out cheaper if you just go there and book it yourself, but when we did book accommodation beforehand we used booking.com and OYO (app)


Anjuna, Goa


So, as I said before India is HUGE!!!! But India has you covered when it comes to transport, you can basically go anywhere on their railway system, the biggest railway network in the world. If trains aren’t your jam you can fly or catch a bus.

We caught a couple of trains in 3AC Sleeper class; there are 7 different classes to choose from. 3AC Sleeper was our choice, you get your own bed in a 6 person cabin (generally just a local family), clean sheets & blanket, air conditioning and there is also a security guard on duty the entire trip all for around $48/2200rs for the both of us.

Now we were catching the train until we discovered the sleeper bus. The sleeper bus is perfect for two people, you get your own cabin with a double bed, bag racks, pillows & sheets- sometimes, it’s India, everything is the luck of the draw, and if you’re 6’2 like Tom being able to stretch fully out to sleep for a 17 hour bus ride, it’s a little slice of heaven. Busses can range anywhere from $4/200rs up to $30/1500rs depending on AC/NON-AC and the distance of course.

You can also get cheap flights to pretty much anywhere through India’s major airline Indigo Air.


Jodhpur, Rajasthan


The contrast between food in the North and South is vast. Personally, I found the curries in the North to be a lot stronger and full of many various flavours compared to down south where the flavour dies and the real heat is born. The seafood Vindaloo is amazing and will test even the strongest of spice eaters. All in all the food in India is great, some places you’ve heard of but most you will just walk in to and find a hidden treasure. Now besides from all the flavour the price is just as good as the food tastes. You can pick up a curry and rice for around $3/150rs or if you’re down south you can kick your craving for a burger or pizza for around $5/250rs. Put it this way, even if you are backpacking with a tight budget you will eat like a king for every meal.


Day 1- Moreh (Small town on the Myanmar/Indian border)

Day 2- Imphal (flew to Kolkata)

Day 3- Kolkata

Day 4- Kolkata

Day 5- Kolkata

Day 6- Kolkata (Overnight 3AC Sleeper train to Varanasi)

Day 7- Varanasi

Day 8- Varanasi

Day 9- Varanasi

Day 10- Varanasi

Day 11- Varanasi

Day 12- Varanasi

Day 13- Varanasi

Day 14- Varanasi

Day 15- Varanasi (Overnight 3AC sleeper train to Agra)

Day 16- Agra

Day 17- Agra

Day 18- Agra (Day bus to Jaipur/then overnight sleeper bus to Sodakhor)

Day 19- Sodakore (30km from Jaisalmer)

Day 20- Sodakore

Day 21- Jaisalmer

Day 22- Jaisalmer

Day 23- Jaisalmer

Day 24- Camel Safari Jaisalmer

Day 25- Jodhpur

Day 26- Jodhpur

Day 27- Jodhpur

Day 28- Udaipur

Day 29- Udaipur

Day 30- Udaipur

Day 31- Udaipur

Day 32- Ahmedabad

Day 33- Aurangabad (Ellora Caves)

Day 34- Aurangabad (Ajanta Caves)

Day 35- Anjuna

Day 36- Anjuna

Day 37- Anjuna

Day 38- Anjuna

Day 39- Anjuna

Day 40- Anjuna

Day 41- Anjuna

Day 42- Anjuna

Day 43- Anjuna

Day 44- Anjuna

Day 45- Anjuna

Day 46- Anjuna

Day 47- Anjuna

Day 48- Anjuna

Day 49- Anjuna

Day 50- Anjuna

Day 51- Anjuna

Day 52- Anjuna

Day 53- Anjuna

Day 54- Anjuna

Day 55- Anjuna

Day 56- Anjuna (Overnight sleeper bus to Bangalore)

Day 57- Bangalore

Day 58- Bangalore (Overnight sleeper bus to Hampi)

Day 59- Hampi

Day 60- Hampi

Day 61- Hampi

Day 62- Hampi (Overnight sleeper bus to Palolem)

Day 63- Palolem

Day 64- Palolem

Day 65- Palolem

Day 66- Palolem

Day 67- Palolem

Day 68- Palolem

Day 69- Palolem

Day 70- Palolem

Day 71- Mumbai

Day 72- Mumbai




KOLKATA – Hotel Esteem

VARANASI – Palace On Steps & Buddha Guest House

AGRA – Pyrenees Home Stay

SODAKORE – Mirvana Nature Resort

JAISALMER – Nachana Haveli 

JODHPUR – Castle View Home Stay

UDAIPUR – Ganesh Guest House

ANJUNA – Mary’s Home Stay

HAMPI – Rambo Guest House

PALOLEM – Flavia Paradise Beach Huts


Kuldhara Ghost Town

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